Colin, dad of two, shares his experience.

Raquel, mom of two, stated that "This workshop was a gift for myself and for my family. With Antje and Carolina I learnt why being kind and firm is the best we can do for ourselves and for our kids, practiced how this works in real life, and had lots of fun! :) I can highly recommend"

„This is an online course run by two fantastic ladies. It really is well worth doing for your own sanity as a parent, for the well-being of your kids and to build a strong positive relationship with them.  It is done in a very supportive, safe environment with a small group of other parents / teachers who want to be the best that they can be so that their class / children grow up to become their best selves. It underpins the ethos most of us as teachers have of building self esteem and resilience in children. It has an in-depth assessment chart which helps us to look past the behavior to find the reason, then tools and techniques to positively deal with the reason. Being online, it can be accessed worldwide so do something positive in this crazy Covid world we find ourselves in right now – take the course, you wont regret it!” Naomi, teacher and mom of two (13 and 17 years)

“Great workshop! Interesting and important topic worked up in a structured way and presented great! Very interactive - many thanks.” Jessica, mom of 4 years old

“I have to say I had the best news from another teacher, yesterday about my class! It blew my mind as, thanks to your course, I have been able to create a happy and valued learning environment whereby all children regardless of ability are achieving success! Thank you soo much.” Claire, teacher

“Positive discipline helped me to understand my children’s needs and the reasoning behind their behaviour. The role plays have been key to realize and discover parents’ and children’s potential. The workshop provided tools I can use long term to build a strong relationship with my kids. A lot of useful reminders how to manage and balance family.” Sarah, mom of two (8 and 12 years)

“A true enrichment for a harmonious family life. Absolutely recommended for parents with children of all ages. My daughter is 10 years old, and I wish I had learned a lot of things earlier. But it is never too late to have a positive influence on children, partners, friends and colleagues with a positive attitude and a positive choice of words. For me, this is a topic that should be taught in school. Already in shortest time one notices changes in the contact with the child and its environment. It is fun to question yourself again and again and to correct yourself. Simply great. Thank you for the enrichment.” Pam, mom of 10 years old

“These positive discipline workshops are worth every second and cent spent on them. I thought that as a parent of teenage and grown up children this would not be as interesting for us but something drew me to it. And I donot regret it! The workshop is clear, extremely well organised and the information and tools shared are useful not only to family life but to interpersonal situations in all walks of life. I learnt a lot and feel confident that participating in this workshop will enhance my relationships with my fellow human beings.” Eve, mom of three

"I really enjoyed the "positive discipline workshop". It is a​ wonderfully practical and innovative course.​ I took away lots of things that I can quickly and easily apply on communication with my kid. The workshop​ helped me better understand my son. I like the idea behind the workshop: positive attitude towards the challenging situations in familylife with kids. It showed the different practices how to deal as a parent in difficult situations (for example instead of pointing out what the kid did wrong, to show the child how he can set the thing right again)." Elena, mom of 5 years old

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"Antje provide me with HR support across a number of my teams for over two years. Antje was the strongest and most consistent HRBP I have worked with throughout my career; and it was a sad day when she told me she was leaving Amazon. That said, I know, that the tactical HR support, strategic HR guidance/planning, and general coaching/training that she provided both me and my team(s), will stands her in good stead for the next stage of her career. I will ensure our paths will cross again at some time in the future." Dave

"Antje is the most effective HR Business Partner that I have worked with in my career. At Amazon she provided strong support to my finance and operational teams across multiple countries and continents and it was not a surprise when I found out she wanted to expand her reach still further in setting up her business. Her support covered both long term strategic support (such as organization design) as well as more tactical support ( such as Performance Improvement and employment law). She was invaluable in helping me to develop my teams and they were weaker without her." Chris

"Antje is a bright star at Amazon, she really outshines in her work and professional presence. We collaborated together on several initiatives around driving a more inclusive work environment, and her passion for the topic is contagious. She is highly knowledgeable and overall she is very energised about making a positive difference. I highly recommend Antje as a strong leader and advisor, such a pleasure and privilege to have worked with her." Brian

Antje has outstanding active listening skills, that allow her to build strong relations with her customers. With that she easily earns trust, works relentlessly from her customers backwards by always keeping her extreme high bar. I value Antje’s opinion and insight and her professional perspective on challenging situations. Thank you for your continuous support!” Adrian

One of the best HR advisors I have meet, driving the discussions in a very good way, trying to help with her comments, letting the people talk but managing to drive the discussion to the critical part. She knows how to listen and how to add value with new ideas and gets you to realize things without telling you directly.” Stephen

Antje is fantastic in earning trust. She knows her stuff and brings this knowledge to every discussion. She is consistent in what she says and delivers on everything she commits to. This ensures that she brings great maturity and clarity to assist in our problem solving and decision making. This gives her great credibility as a HR resource” Paul

"A trusted HR expert with high levels of energy. Antje supported my team through a period of change. She has the ability to show you the way to the answer and ensuring good outcomes. Every encounter was a positive and fun experience. A great asset in the team - we miss you!" Raj

Antje is an active listener and able to covert observations to recommendations and especially to actions. Beyond she is extremely supportive as a HR Consultant, has a talent to mediate effectively and is very committed to finding the best solution for manager and employer. She picks up questions and transforms follow-ups to actions and results” Marc

Antje has a great ability to advise. By asking questions she quickly gets a good understanding of the situation and is able to give constructive and helpful advice on HR related issues. She has rapidly gained my confidence.” Christina

Antje remains the mainstay of calmness in volatile business environment. She is one of the most reliable HR partners I have ever worked with during my +20 years long professional career. She keeps us honest to develop our talent the best, to correct role assignments as our organization evolves, and to calibrate our team performance. Respect!” Daniel

"Antje was my HR business partner and always had the best perspective when it came to people development and engagement metrics. She was a true partner who gave great counsel and took an active interest in coaching and developing the 30+ member team spread across Eu. She was resourceful in providing developmental guidance and training to my team and followed it up through active feedback loops to ensure holistic development. I would highly recommend Antje for her expert counsel and mentorship." Shinof

It was a pleasure to have Antje as my HR Business Partner. Antje is great HR professional. She always ensures the real underlying issue is identified and provides top quality support from the moment you contacted her till the point the issue is resolved. Additionally, Antje makes sure there is a mechanism in place for the same problem not to repeat in future. Antje is very helpful and is the best HR Business Partner I have been working with to date. Highly recommended” Andrey

In my interaction with Antje, I can appreciate how much she cares about the employees and how she is willing to go the extra mile to identify the right solution for the teams. I appreciate a lot also her active involvement in initiatives related to inclusiveness at work.” Eric

No matter how emotional the issues are, Antje remains cool and takes a thoughtful measured approach to solving problems. She easily earns the trust of the businesses with her knowledge and the calm and structured communication style.” Thomas

I worked with Antje for 3 years with no interruption and she was instrumental to support the development of my 100+team, while her responsibilities stretched to a bigger team of 300+. Her positive thinking, ideas and “can do” attitude resulted to more than 30 well deserved promotions in my team. Her remarkable ability to empathize with every team member enabled her to identify risks and opportunities across 9 different countries, and more than 30 different diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Antje insists on the highest standards, and deliver results of the long terms. Her ability to talk “truth to power” and listen carefully across all hierarchical levels of the organization, makes her an independent thinker with a natural problem solving talent. I would strongly recommend Antje for a career mentor and HR advisor.” Fotios

"Antje has been a true partner to me in driving the People Strategy for our Operations Finance teams across the EU. She is a consummate professional, knows when to dive deep and has the ability to both zoom in on a specific issue and zoom out when a more strategic mindset is required." Jimi

"Antje has great work ethic and is a nimble, strategic thinker. As my colleague overseeing the EMEA region, she provided thought leadership and influenced the global strategy for our client group. She is extremely reliable and demonstrates the highest integrity in her actions and decision-making." Andrew

Antje had been my HR business partner at Amazon. She is definitely one of the most professional and competent people I worked with. Antje demonstrated ability to deal with complex situations, solve intricate problems and answer the most difficult questions I have asked her. I highly recommend hiring Antje and working with her, I am assured she will deliver whatever the challenges ahead” Emir

"I have always been very impressed with Antje poise and professionalism during our working relationship. I always counted on her keen insights, accurate recommendations to create solutions and enthusiasm in supporting projects. I am excited for her as she ventures into the world of consultancy. She will be an asset to any organization that chooses to engage in a partnership with her" Charlotte

"Antje is a fantastic HR Professional and even better colleague. I worked with her for over two years and I learned something new every day - in terms of HR specific competencies and knowledge (for example on employment law, HR processes, etc). but also from her passion, energy and positive attitude.” Federico

Antje takes up individual cases or small detail and tries to turn them into something big for consistency and the benefit of a broader audience. She identified a need for broad manager training based on individual issues and worked on designing the training materials and determining the training audience to reduce future friction." Nick

"I have worked with Antje for almost 5 years as her line manager and have been delighted with such a collaboration. Antje has a lot of energy, pragmatism, hard working, service oriented mindset and humility that made her work successfully. I would surely recommend Antje as a true HR professional and fully supportive in her new business activity as a consultant. I wish her all success." Cedric

“I was lucky to have Antje as a colleague at ArcelorMittal. She is a professional and efficient HR business partner, always keen to support and give advice. She deals perfectly with multinational teams. I definitely recommend Antje and would be delighted to work with her again.” Delphine

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